Tasha as the Character Linguini from the film Ratatouille

Another Excerpt from My Life As A Stagiare….I am putting together a collection of short stories on culinary school, cooking and learning the trade in France. 

L’Auberge de la Fenière, Lourmarin

Quai 70,  Puyricard France

Random thoughts on my culinary externship:


Une pièce montée en choux et nougatine, Quai 70.

For any of you who adore the film, Ratatouille, I am living and breathing this film. Though I am not in Paris, I am at a Michelin star-rated restaurant called L’Auberge de la Fenière.  The Auberge is in Loumarin, and is owned by Reine and Guy Sammut.  Chef Reine Sammut is France’s number one female chef.

In my role, I am NOT  Remy (the rat), but a little more like the character Linguini, the new apprentice and am loving almost every minute. However, like Remy, who strives to serve a grander purpose in life (to become a well-known chef), I too, am striving too to become a better cook and then perhaps a well known caterer in Los Angeles….

Photo: Ah, l’amour.

Some days I am beaten to a pulp: a sweaty, sometimes bloody, always stinky pulp – a ghost of my former self. This is gastro cuisine and abuse is the price of entry. It’s the yelling and screaming of ridiculous requests and of methods of completing a task that are beyond nonsensical. I have lost any sense of ego only to pick it back up for my evening job:  Quai 70, “cuisine creatif, the hip fusion restaurant in Puyricard. The chef just asked me to make the Amuse Bouche for Saturday night and to provide of list of ingredients…I’m on my way!

Creme Brulee a Quai 70, Puyricard

Dessert de Crème brûlée et financier aux amandes.

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