Chef Susan Feniger demonstrates Korean Glazed Short Ribs and Asian Pear/Celery Salad on THE TALK, CBS

Video: Asian-Inspired BBQ

Korean Glazed Short Ribs

Serves 4


Olive oil spray

5 pounds flanken-cut beef short ribs, ¾ inch thick

Kosher salt

3 tablespoons canola oil

16 scallions, white and green parts, roughly chopped

10 cloves garlic, sliced

1 (4-inch) piece fresh ginger, peeled and roughly chopped

½ cup sesame seeds

4 Asian pears, peeled, cored and thinly sliced

½ cup mirin (rice wine)

1 cup low-sodium soy sauce

¼ cup spicy sesame oil

1 cup honey


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Lightly coat 2 rimmed baking sheets with olive oil spray.  Lay the ribs out on the baking sheets and season them with kosher salt on both sides.  Pour 1 cup water onto the bottom of each baking sheet.  Cover the sheets with aluminum foil, carefully put them on the center rack of the oven, and braise the ribs for 1½ hours, rotating the pans about halfway through.

  3. While the ribs are braising, make your sauce.  Heat the canola oil in a medium saucepan set over medium heat.  Add the scallions, garlic and ginger.  Cook for about 5 minutes, stirring frequently, until the scallions soften and the smell of the ginger and garlic is strong.  Add the sesame seeds and toast for a minute.  Then add the Asian pears.  Stir.  Reduce the heat to low and add the mirin, soy sauce, and sesame oil.  Stir, and let simmer for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add the honey and cook for 5 minutes more.  Remove the heat.  Pour the mixture into a blender and puree until smooth (there will be a little bit of texture from the sesame seeds).

  4. When the ribs are done, spoon a few heaping tablespoons of the sauce over the top of each one, and spread it out to cover the surface.  At this point you can put the ribs on a hot grill to finish or return them to the oven and bake, uncovered, for 10 to 15 minutes, until the glaze browns.

  5. Transfer the ribs to a platter and top with the pear and celery salad.

Asian Pear and Celery Salad
Serves 4


3 inner ribs celery with leaves

2 scallions, white and green parts, thinly sliced on the diagonal

2 Asian pears, peeled, cored, and sliced 1/8 inch thick

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

¼ cup mirin (rice wine)

Juice of 1 lemon

¼ teaspoon kosher salt


Pick off all celery leaves, keeping the leaves whole.  Put the leaves in a medium bowl.  Thinly slice the celery ribs on the diagonal, and add them to the bowl.  Add the scallions, pears, olive oil, mirin, lemon juice, and salt.  Toss gently, and serve immediately.

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