Pastry Chef Yvan Valentin of Sweet Temptations Artisan Bakery (Los Angeles) making profiteroles / Pastry Chef Yvan Valentin de Sweet Temptations Boulangerie (Los Angeles) faisant profiteroles


For more info:

Patissier/Chocolatier Yvan Valentin is the owner of Sweet
, a wholesale bakery and chocolaterie located in Los
Angeles, California.  Originally from Roanne, France, where he
learned to be a pastry chef and worked at Troisgros Restaurant.
After that, Yvan started to travel around the world as a pastry
chef.  He began in Spain, then to Italy, next still at the age of 21 he
wanted to taste the flavor of the islands and moved to Tahiti.
From Tahiti to Guadeloupe ad the Maldives Islands, to Malaysia
and he finished his tour du monde in Israel before coming to Los
Angeles.  After eight years at the most acclaimed French
restaurant L’Orangerie, he opened Sweet Temptations in order to
provide the finest French pastries and artisan chocolates to hotels
and restaurants throughout Southern California.  At the same time
he was an instructor at UCLA teaching pastry classes.

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