Delicious Wine Pairing Event at Culinary Wonders in Valencia Événement délicieux Vin d’accompagnement à “Culinary Wonders” à Valencia

Symphony 11 – Salmon in a saffron tomato broth


Pinache 10 – Roasted beets and pearl onions salad


Merlot 09 – Beef roast, mushroom sauce, parsnip and squash purée


Lady in Crimson – Mango panna cotta with “langue de chat”


Culinary Wonders:  Chefs Herve Guillard and Judy Gilbert

23460 Cinema Drive, suite B, Valencia, CA 91355


Phone: (661)254-1234

Check out this website for upcoming culinary events:


Edouard Giessinger provided wine from his vineyard at this wine pairing: not only he owns and produces the wines but also teaches Oenology at UCSB- a very inspirational speaker who shared his passion.

IMG_7640 IMG_7639

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